What Is Ripple Crypto?

Ripple is a cryptocurrency which is versatile and high-tech. It acts as both an altcoin and a network through which financial transactions can be made.

The cryptocurrency was founded in 2012 by Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen and it trades with the ticker symbol XRP.

Ripple makes use of Blockchain technology to facilitate the transfer of value from one party to another in any currency or form.

Today, the cryptocurrency is facilitating the transfer of money in fiat currencies such as USD, Yen, Pound and other cryptocurrencies for example Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Due to its versatile nature, Ripple is trading successfully on altcoin exchanges and is currently valued at $0.8330 which is a 6.886% rise from its previous price. The cryptocurrency is on an upward trajectory and makes for an attractive investment.


How Do You Buy A Ripple Coin?

Ripple is a great altcoin to invest in. The process to buy some is easy as well. There are exchanges where you can buy some Ripple coin for example Bitsane. This exchange allows you to create an account quite easily.

Moreover, its main page has a lot of information on the exchange prices of various cryptocurrencies. The exchange also allows for the transfer of cryptocurrencies to its platform using an application known as Coinbase.

As it is, Ripple coin cannot easily be bought using fiat currency such as US Dollars or British pounds. Therefore, to easily buy some of this cryptocurrency, you need to stock up on other types such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can then exchange them for Ripple coin.

Visit Coinbase And Buy Some Cryptocurrencies

The first step involves visiting Coinbase and creating a free account. After that, you can use a fiat currency such as the US dollar to buy some Ethereum or Bitcoin cryptocurrencies.

It is easy to perform the purchase because the exchange allows you to buy them directly using your debit card or a linked bank account. Ensure that you buy enough of these cryptocurrencies to get the amount of Ripple coin that you want.

What Are Bitcoins And How Do They Work?

Buy Ripple Coin

Once you complete your purchase, you can then move the Ethereum or Bitcoin that you own from Coinbase to Bitsane so as to buy some Ripple coin.

To accomplish this task, begin by creating a Bitsane account. After you do so, activate a deposit action in the balances section and get a special address. Make sure that you copy this address and hold is safely for the next step.

Proceed to open up your Coinbase account, access your Ethereum wallet and click on ‘Send’. Identify the amount that you would like to use and indicate the address you got from Bitsane as the recipient.

After you have done that, click on ‘Send’. The amount should arrive in your Bitsane account in 30 minutes. You can then use the Ethereum to buy some Ripple coin and begin investing!

Where To Trade Your Bitcoin

Trading cryptocurrencies can be a profitable venture. The most valuable cryptocurrency in the world right now at the time of writing this article is Bitcoin and it is an excellent choice for trading purposes. You can trade bitcoin with easyMarkets today.


Ripple and Bitcoin are some cryptocurrencies which are on their way up. Therefore, it can make financial sense to purchase them and enjoy the profits of investing in them (your investment can rise and fall).

The guideline above shows you how to buy some Ripple and also where you can trade your Bitcoin. Invest in these cryptocurrencies carries risk so do your own research…