Invest In Bitcoins

Unlike the currencies of different countries which are affected by policy changes, economic and political factors , bitcoins are fast becoming a global currency, because they are not limited to a particular country.

In fact bitcoins are like gold which is popular investment option, as there is a limited supply of bitcoins available and like gold, bitcoins are mined.

The only difference is that gold is physically owned while bitcoin like other cryptocurrency is held in a virtual wallet.

Many people who wish to diversify their investments for greater safety would like to know how to buy bitcoin as an investment.

In the last year, the value of bitcoins has increased rapidly, and early investors have made a lot of money, so many would like to know how to invest in bitcoin, to make a profit trading in the digital currency.

Invest In Bitcoins

What Is Bitcoin?

As bitcoin is a cryptocurrency using the blockchain technology the prices of bitcoin depend largely on the supply and demand for bitcoins.

Bitcoins were first introduced in the year 2009, and traders can trade in bitcoins immediately they do not have to wait for buyers or sellers while trading in the currency. Cryptocurrencies have changed many aspects of global finance.

In 2018, the bitcoins are some of the most actively traded currencies worldwide, with prices fluctuating rapidly worldwide. Unlike shares, marketplaces allow for trading in bitcoin CFDs and easymarkets is one of the most popular trading platforms for bitcoins.

For the safety of investors in Europe and Australia Easymarkets is regulated by CySEC ( Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and ASIC.

They offer their clients protection against a negative balance, so the client will never lose more money than what he has invested. The funds of the client are held in a segregated account for security purposes.Bitcoins

How To Buy Bitcoin

The process of trading in Bitcoin at easymarkets is simple.

The user first has to sign up at the easymarkets website for an account and fund it. A minimum deposit of $100 for opening the account.

The beginner friendly website allows the user to purchase Bitcoin using Credit card, Bank transfer or Paypal. The user can trade in bitcoins conveniently on a conventional desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile.

The Easymarket Bitcoin trading apps for iOS and Android are available for those who wish to trade on their mobile. Easymarkets has been involved in online trading since 2001, and uses the latest technologies.

Easymarkets allows the user to trade bitcoin against the United States dollar with 20:1 leverage. Traders are assured that there will be zero slippage while trading using the web platform, the price which is shown, will be the price at which the contract will be executed.

Unlike most other online trading platforms, it is possible to trade in Bitcoin over the weekend. Traders who cannot afford to make a loss, can take advantage of the stop loss plan of easy markets , which allows the user to exit, booking a profit.

The deposit and withdrawal fees are covered by Easymarkets, so the amount withdrawn from the account is the amount received by the user.

Most users who have used Easymarkets for Bitcoin trading are extremely satisfied with the platform and service.