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Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing is the latest addition to the list of specialized branches of marketing. Since the beginning of marketing in the 1950 the world saw the evolution of marketing, which has been quite extensive over the last few decades.

This article is not the very first of its kind, but can be most fascinating as it covers a wide range of web options, besides the basics of Affiliate Marketing, for a clear understanding of the subject.

Gone are the days of barter trade. Modem marketing strategies are used for our products of this century. Affiliate marketing has set the digital world ablaze with its creative approach.

Consisting of a few major role players- the affiliate, the merchant, the network and the consumer, it presents a relational web that needs existence with all its components.

If it is to be described in one line, affiliate marketing ensures maximizing traffic to your web page, which consequently translates to an increase in sales.

Suppose, I run a successful website where I have my own shopping cart that allows selling of numerous products. Now I can offer you to be an affiliate of the site I manage so that you and I could enter into a relationship on agreement that if you promote my stuff you could earn a kickback or commission.

Summary of our Best Recommendations

#1 Fanfuel
#2 Moreniche
#3 Health Trader
#4 Cash In Pills
#5 ShareAsale


Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Networks

If you can do the sales you generate for me we are both good. We run this independently without a third party. That’s affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is an almost sure way of making money online, but it is not an all-smooth sail. It needs strategic planning and creative mind. This is where Affiliate Networks come to play. It is intermediary or actually the middle person in between the two.

When you get accepted to these high paying affiliate networks you get access to thousands and thousands of merchants who have millions of products to sell whether it’s digital or physical. Once you join an affiliate network most of which are free, a unique link is assigned to you. We will go through the most profitable affiliate networks out there in a bit.

Before that let us understand the models the rewarding or advertising process works with.

Cost Per Sale

Pay-per-sale or cost-per-sale (CPS) is an online advertisement pricing system where the publisher or website owner is paid on the basis of the number of sales that are directly generated by an advertisement.

Since the inception of this terminology, Affiliate Networks have preferred this model only. It is the simplest form of revenue sharing and as the name suggests, the affiliate earns either a percentage or a fixed amount whenever he or she is successful in generating a sale of the target product.

Cost Per Action

Related to the initial interest created among the user base or lead generation, another increasingly popular affiliate network structure and payment method is cost-per-action, or CPA.

CPA advertising allows merchants to offer money in return of a pre-defined action such as e-mail list preparation through contact details submission, or phone number collection.

For example, if you send a visitor to a merchant Web site, and the visitor successfully fills out a lead box with his personal information, you receive a predetermined amount of money.

CPA is popular with many affiliate networks because it is easy money because the action does not cost visitor any money.

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Cost Per Click

In this model, customers use the affiliate’s link to visit a promotional website. Generally used with popular search engines, it helps in sending direct traffic to websites.

[highlight]Social Medial sites like Facebook or Twitter use it extensively where banners are displayed on the advertiser sites who earlier agreed to show ads related to its own content.[/highlight]

On the click of the banner, the traffic is sent to the destination. So its primary target is to generate a click. However, CPC is prone to frauds or abuse in the internet.

Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Networks

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Health Trader – A premium Cost per action network in the Health niche, this only works with high return offers. It helps the affiliates by providing resources necessary, analytics and advanced tracking features. It also offers around 40% to 50% commission for featured products.

Cash In Pills Cash In Pills is another network which handles customers with offers based their locations and languages.

It also specializes in global conversion with integrated payment systems across the globe. It has account managers available with different tools for promotions which make it easier for the affiliates to do business with them.

ShareASale – It has almost all physical products and merchants available. After you search with a keyword you will find different products as well as merchants and you can see all of the products within the different merchant and hundreds of categories that you’re actually able to promote.

So you can get really specific on identifying a product. While finding and joining in a program you must know affiliate managers of this site are going to look at your website manually to make sure you’re a real person a real    affiliate.

Clickbank – You’ve probably heard of Clickbank already and its Affiliate marketplace section is where you can get access to all of the different offers they’ve got for the different categories.

It lists you down the products with information like average dollars per sale, initial dollars per sale etc. It also displays gravity which is the number of successful affiliates running in.

MarketHealth In the Health, Fitness and Beauty niche, Markethealth is one of the most famous networks out there.

It has a cool dashboard containing all the offer categories which are country specific and so it is very unique and useful for local marketing. It has a quite high commission rate as well.

Amazon – Amazon is an old affiliate network and very good starting point for a beginner. The reason is simple. Amazon itself does a lot of heavy-lifting for the affiliates.

So if you are not experienced salesperson and want to build up your confidence in affiliate marketing business then it is the go-to place where all you need to do is to bring the customer to amazon and that’s it.

Also, in amazon, you can side-sale products which do not even fall in the niche you are promoting.

Avangate – Avantgate deals with software and SaaS a lot and they have different software vendors partnered with them with whom you can work for promoting their digital products.

Once vendor approves you as an affiliate partner you can search for a product and get the information required for advertising like links, banners etc. They have cool tracking features to track the source of the leads too.

Ebay – Ebay is probably the easiest to enter a high paying affiliate networks because it approves the affiliate membership instantly without any approval process.

After joining in EPN, you can create a campaign, fill up all the details like category, target program, keywords and such stuffs and get a link for the RSS feed, API, smartLink etc.

After that you can put that in your site for advertisement. Ebay has plugins already available for different CMS applications so embedding feeds are really easy.

Ebay has a new chrome extension named SmartShare which        gives a chance to promote products while surfing Ebay.


Top High Paying Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Marketing is highly attractive as well as competitive in today’s digital world and internet marketing domain.

Effective promotion of product value to target consumers is an underlying challenge that continues to face many businesses. Adapting to new creative methods of selling that these networks are providing can be a key to determine your success.