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Proxy servers, first and foremost, protect your business’ identity on the Internet. In basic terms, a proxy is a server that functions as an intermediary between your computer and the World Wide Web. Proxies also offer an anonymity of sorts—one of the ways to surf the web unseen is to use proxies.

In a way, you are protecting or “hiding” your computer (and yourself and your business, essentially) via the proxy.

Proxies also allow you to enter banned sites, access social media sites, and hide your location. For buy dedicated proxiesexample, you can connect to the Web through a proxy in the UK even though you are physically in the United States.

There are two primary types of proxies, dedicated and semi-dedicated. Dedicated proxies are the more expensive of the two.

Dedicated proxies are servers that safeguard your business’ privacy and protect your identity on the Internet by providing an anonymous Internet protocol (IP) address.

These proxy servers can provide a number of IP addresses—as a general rule, the more IP addresses a dedicated proxy server has, the greater your online security.

Your business’ browsing history is kept secret because the proxy server rotates your IP address. By doing this, cookies from the websites you visit/access are unable to gather accurate data from your browsing history.

Most dedicated proxies automatically rotate the IP addresses, but some offer a manual rotation option.

Using manual rotation makes it even more difficult for cookies to capture your data. If you are in the market to buy proxies, your safest bet is a dedicated proxy. You can find several online sites specializing in selling dedicated proxies.

Semi dedicated proxies function the same as dedicated proxies—you still have identity protection and rotating IP addresses. However, your business computer will be sharing the IP addresses with other computers.

You might be sharing your proxy with as few as three other people/businesses or as many as ten other users.

Most times, this is fine, but if the people you are sharing the proxies with are engaged in business activities that are not above board, they, and you as a result (as long as you are sharing that IP address), will be banned from Google.

This action could put your business at risk. Sharing your proxy also means sharing bandwidth, which could translate into slower connections. If price is an overriding consideration, semi-dedicated proxies are a favorable option.

Knowing when to use proxies, and how you intend to use the proxies will help greatly when you are deciding between a dedicated proxy server and a semi dedicated proxy for your business. While both offer identity anonymity and security, dedicated proxies are faster and safer.

You are the master of your bandwidth. Semi dedicated proxies are less expensive, but you must share your IP addresses with other users.

Their business practices could negatively impact your business if your shared IP address gets banned from other sites.

Ultimately, your business’ Internet security and privacy are of paramount importance. Both dedicated and semi dedicated proxies will protect your identity and provide the anonymity your business seeks.