American Debt Enders Review

American Debt Enders is an established credit counseling company that offers a wide range of financial services through their extensive network of law firms and affiliates.

Their partnership with big law firms and affiliates enables them to create a comprehensive and diverse network that offers a broad spectrum of products and services.

This company started as free credit counseling and has operated in the debt industry since 2006. Currently, they offer a full spectrum of debt relief services that include personal loans, bankruptcy, debt management, debt settling among others.

This company has been able to help thousands of people to dig themselves out of a mountain of debts they have unwillingly accumulated due to job loss, poor decision making, illness among others. The company gives you a second chance of regaining your financial freedom by eliminating your debt and rebuilding your credit.

Remember that the company’s primary mission is to ensure that consumers overwhelmed with debt are provided with a pathway to freedom.

The process mostly starts with basic debt management strategies and debt counseling. The services extend to bankruptcy, credit management strategies, and litigation support in case a client needs it.

The company was established by Steve Ciantro who is a credit counselor with remarkable business experience.

Ciantro has personal knowledge of how innocent consumers can be snowed under by banks or any other financial institution. Their strategy has assisted many people to claw out of debt according to several American Debt Enders review.

American Debt Enders Review - Debt Consolidation Made Easy


Services Provided by ADE

Basically, the company seeks to help consumers through various stages of their debt problem.

Credit counseling is the first step to helping indebted consumers. Referrals to the credit counseling services are offered for free at this company.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is also known as credit consolidation; it allows consumers who are indebted with more than $5,000 to make one monthly payment at lower interest rates.

The aim is to be in control of the client’s debt situation, reduce payments and establish clear goals that will see the debt paid off.

The company also links debt-stressed clients to debt settlement program that best suit their financial situation. The program is meant for consumers who are experiencing serious financial challenges but still need to avoid bankruptcy.

Credit Repair

Credit repair services are meant to correct errors in credit reports. It also includes informal services and counseling focusing on maintaining and improving credit scores that would help to boost long-term creditworthiness.

Also available are the referrals to litigation support services and bankruptcy. Most of the reviews cite advantages of working with a company that offers a full package of debt management services.

Access to the services offered by organizations affiliated with this company ensures continuity of the comprehensive debt management plan.

American Debt Enders Review

Advantages of Joining ADE

Free Consultation

This company offers a free consultation over the phone as well as helping their clients get their accounts set-up without offering upfront fees.

Online Education Materials

The organization offers free educational resources in form of debt loan consolidation, credit restoration, and credit counseling.

The company also provides consumers with an updated blog that features an array of financial topics ranging from debt, credit, student loans, company updates, credit reports among others.

Experienced Founder

The company was founded in 2006 by Steve Ciantro. But prior to that, he was a certified credit counselor and a finalist for Ernst &Young’s “entrepreneur of the Year’’.

Ciantro himself has experience with debt problems and that is why he invested in the debt relief industry. He founded American Debt Enders to help consumers live debt free.

Available in 42 States

The company is available in 42 states. Their services are unavailable in Wyoming, West Virginia, Washington, Vermont, South Carolina, North Dakota, Kansas, Illinois, and Connecticut.