HealthTrader Affiliate Network


Health trader is an affiliate based cost per action network that specializes in health related offers which are high paying including online pharmacies and other medical resources.

It is an easy free to sign up network for affiliate market campaigning with a recently launched new app covering detailed up time reporting and improved preference management.

Offers and Resources

With unique additional featured offers, health trader is the best cpa network out here that ensures you get the best commission rates around compared to any other website.

There is also a health trader commission guarantee for clients and examples include offers like the health express, shytobuy, weight world, all with on time payments and no charge-backs on services provided.(see updated agreement HERE).

Core Operations

HealthTrader affiliate network ensures that every sale, click or move is tracked with a reliable and accurate latest technology available.

As a trader therefore one has free access to up-time reports and quality level of service like no other. This includes an unrestricted creative design service that can be submitted with ease.

As an affiliate network health trader gives their clients direct access to the current leading market offers and access to diverse advertising resources.

Clients also get access to search for the perfect banner, document, images or videos with efficient widgets allowing one to customize their price tables as required.

With health trader one also has unlimited free access to well-designed professional website templates and quick HTML, PSD or WordPress theme download.

This comes with a live preview with easy editing and a custom product widget as quick as possible.

HealthTrader Affiliate Network

Making Money Online With HealthTrader Affiliate Network

If you are looking for means of making money online, then Health Trader is the best site where you can start as an affiliate or merchant with ease.

Their services are trusted by over 3000 affiliates globally who have different testimonials on the seamless services they provided.

Their agents are always ready to offer full support, open to any suggestions and never hesitate to provide any assistance however unique it might seem.

Payment Options

Compared to other affiliate networks, Health Trader ensures that a trader eligible for payout has no delayed transactions or any hang up periods as long as they have been approved. Therefore, there are no delays when it comes to client payments depending on the preferences one chooses to work with.

The first payment is always released during the first three working days of the month while the subsequent second one is done within the mid-month week on date fifteen.

The current provided modes of payment include Paxum, PayPal, Western Union, International Bank Transfer among others.

However there is a minimum commission threshold of hundred euros with a minimal processing fee of around ten. Normal average transactions are approved within three days at most with no hesitations. Read updated agreement


The provided tools, plugins and widgets have received massive support from many affiliates due to the great success provided by actionable reports with realistic facts like no other.

With a motivated team of experts and dedicated managers Health Trader works towards seamless client satisfaction through unique innovations, transparency and efficient services.